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Located in Rubengera/ Karongi (Western part of Rwanda), Ibigabiro bya Rwabugiri is one of the different residents of King Kigeri Rwabugiri (1853-1895 PCN) This is a very interesting cultural attraction in the realms of kingdoms and heritage in Rwanda. This place is preserved in order to preserve the Rwandan culture. The place gives the real insights and captivating experiences.

Tugarure umuco as a CBTE offers a wonderful tour package that brings back the memories and brings alive the traditional war scenery and Umuganura experience (an annual event and the first national rite in order of importance which can be assimilated to the concept of thanksgiving celebrations) This tour gives more insights on Traditional War Scenery during the ancient Rwandan kingdom.


At the same time, the Umuganura tour experience which can be combined with traditional war scenery experience, is an experiential tour whereby tourists learn the traditional practice of thanksgiving festivities as a Rwandan common custom.
Cost: $35/person for hike
Fitness level: Difficult
Booking option: book in advance
NOTE: A discount applies for a group tour