Beyond the Gorillas Experience - Call for Donation

It is widely known that COVID-19 caused a very challenging time to everyone in the world but for the low living standards people the situation is at its worst moment, For many of our people in Rwanda, the lockdown is beyond an inconvenience, It is a threat to the survival of many people in our community since they live day to day based upon the small, informal businesses that allow them to buy and sell to get what they need (hand to mouth).

The COVID-19 lockdown, which we completely support as one of the necessary measures taken by our government to stop the spread of the above novel Coronavirus, has made many of local business activities impossible mostly tourism activities since all borders,national parks and all places of leisure are closed.

Beyond the Gorillas Experience, as a social Enterprise with one of its main objective being support to local community living around national parks especially Volcanoes National park through cultural tourism activities in order to enhance their well being and conservation. These cultural activities include cultural performances , home stays, cooking classes, handcrafts making,... the latter activities were done to tourists generating daily income to these people thus being able to get what to feed their families before the total lockdown To shed a light on our objective while supporting our community to embrace the lockdown as the best way to prevent COVID-19.

We are looking for organizations or individuals who are willing to donate money so that we can help the most affected people by the consequences of Coronavirus. Your donation will be used appropriately in buying the basic needs mainly food stuffs namely beans, flours, cooking oil,etc And this will help the community to survive while fighting the COVID-19.
Donors are allowed to ask the report & proof of receipt of donations attached with official recognition letter, photos or videos of donees, please if you are interested send us a private message at and we will let you know how you can donate. We believe that this is a reason why God has kept us alive during this pandemic, so that we can be a bridge between our people in need and those who have been blessed with whom we are connected.
Thank you for your kind support!

Beyond the Gorillas Experience Management.